CCC is currently evaluating long term partnerships with beneficiaries.

Our preference throughout the years has been to establish long-term relationships where we contribute money to a particular organization on a recurring annual basis. In fact, we’ve worked with many of our current beneficiaries for 5 years or longer and believe such relationships actually benefit both sides; we’re able to track donations year after year, and respective beneficiaries know that they can “pencil-in” our contribution to their annual budget.

Typically, we meet with existing and prospective beneficiaries throughout the summer at our monthly meetings. After an informal presentation, a question and answer session allows board members to obtain additional insight about the inter-workings of each organization to learn how a monetary contribution from CCC would be used.

Beneficiaries are then evaluated during the fall by the Charity Liaison Committee and voted on by the entire board at the end of the year. Distributions are made in the first quarter of every year.

If you are interested in being considered for a long-term partnership with CCC, please contact us.