The Chicago Children’s Charities (CCC) board is managed by a group of young professionals who are dedicated to carrying on the organization’s proud tradition.  

For over 30 years, CCC board members have donated their time and energy by participating in monthly meetings, planning events, soliciting donations, running committees and, of course, having some fun too. We’re always looking for enthusiastic professionals to join our organization. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a member, please contact us.


Co- Presidents:  Haley Pearson and Molly Sawyer

Treasurer:  Eric Citron

Holly Ball Co-Chairs:  Alex Bearman and Kelsey Hough

Holly Ball Silent Auction Co-Chairs: Bridgette Fox and Brittany Rendell

Membership Co-Chairs: Kelly Allen and Kelly Campbell

Secretary:  Casey Thibeault

Charity Liaison: Matt Miller

Donations Chair:  Emily Avioli

Technology Chair:  Tori Dremonas

Alumni Liaison:  Alex Dent  


Bess Colnon
Jessica Deisler
Trevor Flegenheimer
Allison Hackett
Maddi Hicks
CC Hoogland 
Bridget Hybinette
Claire Joseph
Sarah Laspesa
Teague Magner
Kelsey McCole
Becky Mladuckey
AG Pelham
Amanda Rolfes
Courtney Somerville
Connor Young


Mary Therese Barkhausen
Kathleen Michalek